Matt Moss is a music producer and remixer who has remixed songs for artists such as Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, RuPaul, The Scissor Sisters, La Toya Jackson, Connie Francis, Ultra Nate, Inaya Day and many more..


SELECTED remixes

Ariana Grande - 7 rings (Republic Records) 2019

The Cardigans - Erase/Rewind (Stockholm Records) 2019

Lady Gaga - Mary Jane Holland (Interscope Records) 2018

Ari Gold & Adam Joseph - Back In Highschool (JRed Music) 2018

GoldNation - Personal Apocalypse (Gold18 Records Inc.) 2018

Samantha Newark - Wanna Look Good (NotImpossibleSheMusic) 2018

Kesha - Hymn (Kemosabe Records) 2017

Lady Gaga - The Cure (Interscope Records) 2017

Samantha Newark - Ecstacy (NotImpossibleSheMusic) 2017

Samantha Newark - Boy Toys (NotImpossibleSheMusic) 2017

RuPaul - How I Wanna Hold U (RuCo, Inc) 2016

Róisín Murphy - Exploitation (Play It Again Sam) 2015

RuPaul - L.A. Rhythm (RuCo, Inc) 2015

Levi Kreis - Gonna Be Alright (Vidon Music) 2013

Ari Gold - Make My Body Rock (Gold 18/Centaur Records) 2013

Nakey Highway - Friends With Benefits (Naked Highway) 2013

Manila Luzon & Latrice Royale - The Chop (Manila Luzon) 2012

RuPaul - Here It Comes Around Again (RuCo, Inc) 2012

Lady Gaga - Heavy Metal Lover (Universal Music) 2011

Nick Harvey presents Halo - Pure Love (Nick Harvey Music) 2011

RuPaul - Drag U (RuCo Inc) 2011

La Toya Jackson - Starting Over (Ja-Tail/Bungalo Records) 2011

Inaya Day - Higher Place (Ny-O-Dae Music) 2010
produced with Jared Jones

Ari Gold - Mr. Mistress (Gold 18 Records) 2010

RuPaul - Never Go Home Again (RuCo, Inc) 2010

RuPaul - Hit The Floor (RuCo, Inc) 2010

RuPaul - Destiny Is Mine (RuCo, Inc) 2010

RuPaul - Let’s Turn The Night (RuCo, Inc) 2010

David Vanacore - Wendy Williams Show Theme (Lionsgate) 2009

Ultra Nate - Love’s The Only Drug (Tommy Boy Silver Label) 2008
produced with Reed McGowan

Mariah Carey - I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time (Island Records) 2008

La Toya Jackson - I Don’t Play That (Ja-Tail/Bungalo Records) 2007
produced with Jared Jones

eMpulse - American Idle (Rambunctious Recordings) 2007

Jessica Vale - Brand New Disease (Explicit Records) 2007
produced with Reed McGowan

Young Love - Find A New Way (Island Records) 2007

Scissor Sisters - Land of A Thousand Words (Polydor Ltd.) 2006

Scissor Sisters - I Dont Feel Like Dancin’ (Polydor Ltd.) 2006
produced with Reed McGowan & DJ Sammy Jo

Gwen Stefani - Yummy (Interscope Record) 2006

Kelis - Bossy (LaFace Records) 2006

Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (Interscope Records) 2005

Connie Francis - Where The Boys Are (MGM) 2005

RuPaul - Coming Out of Hiding (RuCo, Inc.) 2004

RuPaul - Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous (RuCo, Inc.) 2004

RuPaul - Workout (RuCo, Inc.) 2004

Linda Eder - I Am What I Am (Atlantic) 2003


Matt Moss - It Is And It Isn’t (Expanded Edition) (Vidon Music) 2017

Matt Moss - Born Dying (featuring Steven Gonzalez) (single) (Vidon Music) 2013

Matt Moss - Shiftless (featuring Idioteque) Remixes (single) (Vidon Music) 2013

Matt Moss - It Is And It Isn’t (EP) (Vidon Music) 2011

Scenic Woods - No More (single) (Matt Moss Music) 2008

Matt Moss - Funback (single) (Matt Moss Music) 2008

Matt Moss - Forever (album) (Matt Moss Music) 2008

eMpulse - Fight The People (featuring Zhana) (single) (Rambunctious Recordings) 2007
           co-produced with Reed McGowan

eMpulse - American Idle (single) (Rambunctious Recordings) 2007
           co-produced with Reed McGowan & Warren Rigg

Scandelle - Just Getting Started (single) (Scandelle Productions) 2006


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